Rust outbreak: liquid gold

Rust makes history!

In 1681, when the Rust market was made a free city by Emperor Leopold I. The Rust winegrowers bought the right to be a free city with 60,000 gold guilders and 500 buckets of Rust wine.

Since 2019, the term “Eruption” has been protected exclusively for the Ruster “Eruption” by the Wine Act. From now on, the wine may be marketed as Ruster Früh DAC.

Botrytis cinerea

The basic reason for the Rust outbreak is the infestation of the berries with the natural Noble rot " Botrytis cinerea ":

The Pannonian climate, the moisture-regulating effect of Lake Neusiedl and the mild autumn promote the development of the rare noble rot. When the cool morning mist settles on the vines, the fungus that is so popular in this country thrives: Botrytis Cinerea . Noble rot occurs as soon as the berry skin becomes porous and the juice oozes out of the berries. The berries shrink like raisins during the day - this concentrates ingredients such as fructose, acid and extracts .

Vintage 2023

We will start harvesting the Chardonnay dried berries on November 23rd, 2023 at 7 a.m. sharp. 10 hard-working elves & 7500 square meters. Let's go!

Outbreak! This means that the dried part of the grapes is broken out. By hand!

After 6 hours and a lot of teamwork, we can look forward to a great result: We were able to harvest our Chardonnay Ruster Explosion DAC with 36 ° KMW (corresponding to 36% fructose content in the berries). We are pleased with outstanding quality and high yields! 🍇

(...if only we could taste it already...)

Elfenhof Ruster outbreak crystal

The requirements for the Rust eruption have been clearly laid down since 2016. Wine may be marketed under the name “Ruster Feier DAC” or “Ruster Streit Districtus Austriae Controllatus” if it meets the requirements for Trockenbeerenauslese and the following requirements:

The wine must have been made exclusively from grapes that come from the Free City of Rust.

Ruster Bruch DAC is obtained from botrytis-infected berries that have naturally shrunk on the vine through selective hand-picking.

The wine must be made from one or more quality white grape varieties.

The minimum must weight of the grapes must be 30°KMW.

Specifying the harvest year is mandatory.

The wine may only be bottled in glass bottles with a nominal volume of 0.75 liters or a multiple or divisible thereof. In addition, nominal volumes of 0.5 liters, 0.25 liters, 0.2 liters and 0.1 liters are permitted.

The unfermented sugar content must correspond to the description “sweet”.

Ruster Explosion DAC may not be submitted to obtain the state test number before April 1st of the year following the harvest.

Entire legislation for DAC regulation “Ruster outbreak”

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